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To be Maverick minded means to be a non conformist, trendsetter, a free spirit and a little unorthodox. It often describes those who even feel they don’t fit in (or don’t want to anymore). Also, yes in American terms it’s an unbranded (or cleanskin) calf! (Click here to read the story behind it).

Truth be told I like that, the unbranded bit anyway! Not living with a label that you either grew up with or were told that was socially acceptable is quite freeing in itself and is also what now separates the top trendsetting companies from the rest.

Perhaps that’s why being a Maverick especially in the way you communicate your vision, your values and your visibility is the real way forward.

A way forward that stops the cycle of being a follower and instead sets you apart to be a leader. A leader in your workplace, your business and your life.

The word communication actually comes from the Latin verb Communicare meaning to share.

Tapping into your inner Maverick means sharing your uniqueness, confident in your own creativity, with a maturity of character that understands not only how to stand out from the crowd but rather to lean in instead, and listen. Listen to what your audience and your customers really want and learn to work with your own true nature to really release your authenticity and share from that place of presence. The place where the light shines brightest.

We might be sharing our stories on Instagram, our pictures on Pinterest and ours Selfies on Facebook, but it’s all just noise unless we learn to create conversations that count, connect to our true nature and align our values, vision and culture. We lead from our light.

Sharing your something without connecting with your audience is like standing on the stage without a spotlight.

For many years skills training for presenting, speaking or communicating have been relegated to well presented hollowness with a mask of professionalism that lacks presence. Yet the acting and music world have long known how to engage an audience so they leave the theatre with an experience they never forget.

I invite you to re-position your perceptions and take your skills of connection and communication off the periphery and make it your highest priority. The core of your company culture. The heart of your personal character.

By delivering a proven process to help you master your message, speak with real impact and influence authentically you will discover your own voice in business and in life.

Step out of the shadows. Lead from your light. Discover your voice.

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“Step out of the shadows, lead from your light, discover your voice”